20th Anniversary International Pizza Punk Day

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20th Anniversary International Pizza Punk Day
December 26, 2017
the ingrediants for a vegan pizza
Local affinity cells
December 9, 2017
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CELEBRATE INTERNATIONAL PIZZA PUNK DAY ON DECEMBER 26th (formerly known in some countries as “Boxing Day”)

Spun into the air in 1997 by a group of orphan caravan punks in Switzerland, International Pizza Punk Day supercedes the regressive christian holiday and blasts off towards a world based on mutual aid and cooperation. It is a holiday for the orphans of the world, those orphaned from their parents or orphaned from society. Like flying solidarity pickets, small cells take local action (preparing vegan pizzas according to anarchist principles) to form a global web of unstoppable pizza-punk resistance!! National borders and stereotypes melt like faux “cheese” as we (if only for ONE day) UNITE as the pizza punx of the world!!! Armed with a grain of salt and the cultural cookbook of the D.I.Y. and punk movement, we rise above the restrictive appetites of consumerism, sectarianism, geographical and ethnic backgrounds, alienation and dis-empowerment. We are left only with ourselves, the ingrediants for a full pizza-making workshop and THE STRUGGLE.

WHAT TO DO: Mark December 26th on your calendar as International Pizza Punk Day Start a local chapter and organise a vegan pizza making workshop in your local community. It’s as simple as inviting a few mates over, asking them to bring vegan toppings for pizza,  sorting out some bases (some grocery stores sell these premade or you can make your own sorta like making home-made bread but punching it flat), sorting out a tomato sauce (basil and garlic works well) and getting some punk tunes on the stereo!