Garageland 85 Free with The Blue Carpet Band, Faz Waltz IT, Moron’s Morons PL

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Garageland 85 Free with The Blue Carpet Band, Faz Waltz IT, Moron’s Morons PL
April 13, 2018 8:00 pm
April 14, 2018 1:00 am
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April 9, 2018
The Lock Tavern
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35 Chalk Farm Road,, London, NW1 8AJ, United Kingdom


FRIDAY the 13th of APRIL 2018

The Lock Tavern
35 Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AJ London, United Kingdom

The Blue Carpet Band, Faz Waltz, Moron’s Morons

Please come early – the first band starts at 8:30pm sharp and live music finishes at 10:45pm!! Then DJs spinning ’77+ punk rock, snarling ’60s garage and raw rock ‘n’ roll til 1:00!!

(donations will be greatly appreciated & are needed – we’ll pass a donation box!!)

The Blue Carpet Band

Blue Carpet are a powerhouse five-piece garage/ dirty rock’n'roll band based in North London. Like classic blues-rock proponents such as The Yardbirds and early Rolling Stones mixing it up with New York punk and late 60′s protopunk. Think big riffs, 12-bar boogie and unstoppable energy.

“And then we walked back over to the smaller stage, but still in the same hall to watch the most hip and happening band on the current scene. The Blue Carpet Band, it was half 3 in the afternoon, the band had arrived from London in an assortment of motors with lead singer Djamel suffering from some kind of antipodean fever (or a cold). And no word of a lie guvnor, they blew the bloody doors off. A mid afternoon set that got folk dancing, and yet again there were other musicians gathering around to have a listen and a look. Their garage punk roared off of the grid and didn’t stop until everyone had stopped and took notice. The festival was well underway, couldn’t wish for a better start. I was very happy indeed.”
-The Punkmonger March 2017

“Down and Dirty sweat encrusted songs”
-9/10 Louder Than War

“Such a great night last night in Hersham all the bands giving it 100% but if i had to make a call of band of the night it would be this lot The Blue Carpet Band… a hypnotic mix of sleazy Stooges/Dead Boys rawk n roll , rockabilly Elvis married to a a garage punk hooker, just brilliant, recently signed up by a record company this last week they fully deserve it, watching the punters last night. even the ones previously static could not help but swing their hips. Djamel Abina .. the frontman, fantastic charisma, he’s got the moves, but best of all no fear .. he will jump off the stage and land on your back .. but you wont mind .. ‘cos you’re in the groove bro … 10 /10, seriously go see em”
-Andy Luckett, Original UK Punk Family 07/05/17

“Blue Carpet Band: what can I say? BLOWN AWAY! Djamel Abina is the best frontman I have seen since Lydon as Johnny Rotten: mesmerising and a future star backed up by a phenomenal band.”

“Only saying what everyone else was saying. There are no limits to what your band can achieve. I have seen a lot of legendary bands in the past 48 years, some on their first or second gig but very few impressed me as much as the Blue Carpet Band did last night.”
-Marco Gloder, Flicknife Records 21/10/17

Faz Waltz

Someone said that rock n’roll is dead. That someone has not paid close attention to what is going on lately in the underground, especially in Italy.

After four albums and hundreds of shows all around Europe,
Faz Waltz have already set the bar so high that is impossible not to put them among the best european bands of the last decade.

They breath and swear Glam Rock, the kind that used to be very much appreciated in the seventies in the worst pubs all around England.
T.Rex, Slade, David Bowie and Gary Glitter were the soundtrack for fight and romance.
Looks like some bands have re-discovered that sound, lately, and there’s some kind of revival of the genre going on, what is different with Faz Waltz is that their love affair with glam and proto punk started a long time ago and the testimony is their first Ep that came out in 2008.

But it doesn’t stop there.
Faz La Rocca’s song writing is also influenced by seventies rock n’roll legends (like Bon Scott era’s AC/DC), The Beatles and Cheap Trick.

Their riffs and melodies are solid and they’ll hook you up right from the start with their catchy songs but you’ll also be blown away by their live set where they’ll show you the real nature of this wild rock n’roll animal that is Faz Waltz.

Faz La Rocca: Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Diego Angelini: Bass
Marco Galimberti: Drums

Moron’s Morons

Moron’s Morons is a quartet of Eastern European nimrods making punk music as it’s supposed to sound – raw, snotty and unpolished.
Having taken influence from the early punk scene and various bands of the ’90s garage punk revival, the band delivers a ferocious type of rock’n'roll that could have only been made east of the Iron Curtain.
Make no mistakes Moron’s Morons are NOT pleasant for the faint-hearted. They’re ugly and weird and their music is frantic. They’ll provide you with the same kind of kicks and thrills that are unleashed by both exploitation films and porno mags.