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Please post new events to us using the following link:

We have to see them and approve them (on a computer, not our phones) so don’t expect instant results.  Give it a day to see your event up on the listings.  If your event is very far in the future, you may not be able to see it in our listings until closer to the time.

One possible problem you may encounter when you Create a New Event with us, is the Location/Address.  If your venue/place hasn’t already been entered by us, you will find it impossible to suggest a new one.  Thus, please state the full address including postcode in your event’s Description area.  In fact, include ALL the relevant info for your event in that box including price as (as you may notice) this platform is based in Europe and spans the whole world, so you may not find handy things like £££ signs in the price choices.

Still having problems?  Contact us via our CONTACT link on the menu.

-Eroding Empire crew