South London Scum

Sunday 14th January 2018
South London Scum presents



Dawn Ray’d
(Anti-fascist Black Metal from the North of England)

Unyielding Love
(Belfast blackened noiseviolence)

Prisa Mata
(London stoner psych sludge)

(Rochester. Beards. Metal. Fuck you.)

(London hard sludge)

Ruined By
(London anti-theist post-dbeat)

Dead Nectar
(SE London sludgey doom metal)

@ New Cross Inn, 323 New Cross Rd, London SE14 6AS.
7squids/ 6.66 advance




South London Scum presentsSaturday 4th November 2017 (Belgium)
have unfortunately had to cancel their performance to to unforseen circumstances!











@ Off The Cuff,
Arch 645, 301-303 Railton Road, Herne Hill SE24 0JN London, UK

7.30pm-1am // £7




South London Scum presents
Friday the 13th of October 2017

Nausea Bomb (Paris)
“Nausea Bomb spread their music in a blend of punk and psychobilly, with ska, oi! , surf music, country, celtic folk influences.
With their mixed vocals, double bass and energy on stage, they have graced the mainland on many European tours, and seek to play as far as possible. Whatever the venue, big stages, litle bars, stinky squats, in the street or catacombs… only does the party together matters !
Just coming back from South America, North Africa in Morocco…soon in the UK and in Brasil !
Get ready to receive Nausea and beware of the Bomb baby !”

Dread Messiah
“hackney, punk rock, metal, hardcore”

Split Veins
Former members of Nailbiter and Give Up All Hope taking BOTH the golden era of Japanese and Swedish hardcore as a template.

Atavistik Death Pose
“Conjured in South East London by former and current members of Prisa Mata, Hard to Swallow, Cult Syndrome, Slow Plague, Surya, Diagnosis? Bastard! and many other unseen abominations.”

@ the Hand in Hand pub, 61 New Park Rd, just off Brixton Hill, London SW2 4EN UK.


South London Scum presents
a cross genre exploration of all things epic


a Water Protectors Legal Collective benefit

Friday 22nd September 2017


(Colchester/black metal/crust/sludge)


Prisa Mata

@ Off The Cuff, Arch 645, 301-303 Railton Road, Herne Hill, London SE24 0JN
£6 door/ £10 solidarity

Saturday 23rd September 2017



Cult Cinema
(London/space crust)




Ruined By

@ Off The Cuff, Arch 645, 301-303 Railton Road, Herne Hill, London SE24 0JN
£8 door/ £10 solidarity


South London Scum presents:

Saturday 12th August 2017

✞ Calligram -
Blackened hardcore punk from London via France, Italy, Brazil, England.
✞ Prisa Mata
Stoner psych sludge from London via Spain, New Zealand and England
✞ This Ends Here
Blackened, atmospheric post-crust from Bristol.

@ The Dev, 33 Kentish Town Road, Camden, London NW1 8NL

Live music from 8.00-11.00pm
Bar open till late
✞✞✞ FREE ENTRY! ✞✞✞



Crash N’ Burn & South London Scum proudly present

Friday 14th July 2017

Deviated Instinct

Master Blaster (New Zealand)

Bos Tux

Ruined By

@ The Dev, 33 Kentish Town Road, Camden, London NW1 8NL.
7pm // FREE!


South London Scum presents:

An Anarchist Black Cross benefit

1st July 2017

Hello Bastards
(political xveganx hardcore punk)

Scum System Kill
(metallic crust punk)

Atavistik Death Pose
(crust punk)

Ruined By

@ the Hand in Hand, 61 New Park Road, Brixton Hill, London SW2 4EN.
8pm // £4


South London Scum presents
South London Punx Picnic 2017

Saturday 17th June 2017




Left for Dead



@ Off The Cuff,
Arch 645, 301-303 Railton Road, Herne Hill SE24 0JN London, United Kingdom

Bands 8pm-midnight
Music and getting drunk midnight-1am

£6 on the door
£10 solidarity price!
Any proceeds after paying bands and costs will go to London Antifascists:

PUNX PICNIC- 2pm in nearby Brockwell Park (Brixton tube/Herne Hill rail)… field up hill from Brixton Water Lane entrance, between toilets and childrens’ playground.


South London Scum presents:

Saturday 29th April 2017

An EpicFest Primer

(epic Irish grindcore/crust/doom)

(epic d-beat crustlords)

(epic instrumental doomsters)

(epic blackened hardcore)

(epic Bristol d-beat crust)

£6.66 advance / £7.00 door


South London Scum presents
Friday 21st October 2016

Culture Shock
Icons of Filth
Perma War
The Dub Righters�

@ Off the Cuff
Arch 645, 301-303 Railton Road, Herne Hill, London, SE24 0JN
(Herne Hill rail… or Brixton tube and 322/N3… or Denmark Hill overground and 42/468/N68… or 37 from Peckham… Regular trains from Victoria station to Herne Hill)

Bands 9pm-12.30am
£8 on the door


South London Scum presents:
Dd & Em’s electrifying birthday gig

September 24th 2016

(proper death metal thrash)
(metallic d-beat hardcore)
Art of Burning Water
(strong music by weak people)
(blackened hardcore)
(instrumental post-metal/doom)

@ Veg Bar
45 Tulse Hill, London SW2 2TJ UK


South London Scum presents:

August 10 2016

Rather Raccoon




Active Slaughter

@ Veg Bar
45 Tulse Hill, London. SW2 2TJ, United Kingdom


South London Scum
presents a Hazarder leaving the UK party:

Saturday 16th July 2016

(London’s best Balkans anarchermeticistic doom/sludge)

(London instrumental post-metal)

(London hard sludge)

(Kingston heavy hardcore)

And afterwards..
Family Woodard Djing from the best heavy metal to the best sludge, vinyl or CD till 2AM!

@ The Dev
33 Kentish Town Road,
Camden NW1 8NL.
Bands: 8-11pm sharp.


South London Scum presents:

Saturday 4th June 2016
Post-South London Punx Picnic gig


Underclass UK

Bus Station Loonies (Plymouth)

Aüralskit (Liverpool)


@ Veg Bar
45 Tulse Hill, London. SW2 2TJ, United Kingdom

South London Punx Picnic 2-7pm this same day near Brixton Water Lane entrance of Brockwell Park!


South London Scum presents:

South London Punx Picnic 2016

Saturday 4th June 2016

It’s that time of year again, so calling all punks and punk-curious for a family-friendly lark in the park. Water Lane entrance, walk up the path staying on the right to field in between the playground and the public toilets. Bring food, drink and a positive attitude. Possibly games again this year if “anarchists” don’t ruin it by cheating!

2pm-7pm sharp.

Please bring bags or recycling bags to pick up your litter so we can leave the park as we found it.

Gig afterwards at the Veg Bar just a 5 minute walk away… Underclass UK, Bus Station Loonies, Auralskit and Mindframe! FB event page here:


Saturday 30th April into Sunday 1st May 2016 AFTER PARTY

Hello Bastards

Herida Profunda (Poland)


@ The Unicorn
227 Camden Rd, Camden, London NW1 9AA
(15 minute walk from the Boston Music Room..)

This event is an after party for the South London Scum benefit weekender; more details of other gigs here:



Friday 29th April 2016

The Mob
Early anarcho punk pioneers active from 1978 to 1983 and, then, after a long hiatus reformed and performing worldwide to old fans and new and releasing long-awaited “Rise Up” 7”- their first product in 30 years.

Appalachian Terror Unit (USA)
Huntington West Virginia anarcho crust punks released on Profane Existence records and gracing the UK shores for a rare appearance.

Icons of Filth
Influential Welsh anarcho-punk band, originally formed in 1979 and well respected for its thought-provoking lyrics and distinctive artwork. Disbanded in 2004 following the unfortunate death of singer Stig, recent years have seen the band resurface with a vengeance to carry the torch and continue to launch their attack on authority.

Horror Vacui (Italy)
Since forming in 2010 these Italian diy vampire punks have been maintaining their antifascist and antisexist credentials whilst perfectly recreating a nostalgic goth/death rock/post punk atmosphere that manages to sound fresh and current.

@ the Boston Music Room
178 Junction Road, Tufnell Park, London N19 5QQ
£10 + ticket fee = £11.00


Saturday 30th April 2016

Assaulting our eardrums and apathy since the late 80’s with their influential d-beat crust punk hardcore, Doom has continued through the last decades to give punks a fitting soundtrack to the battle against capitalism, religion and fascism.

Extinction of Mankind
Formed in 1992, EOM have been touring and playing their brutal take on apocalyptic crust metal to audiences throughout Europe, the US and Canada.

Vintage d-beat hardcore outfit formed in the Midlands in 1982 and then, after a brief and loud output, morphed into the Varukers and Sacrilege. As punk super groups go, this 2015 line up take no prisoners, featuring members of Sacrilege, Varukers, Discharge, The Vile, Thirty Six Strategies, Decadence Within, Stampin Ground, Suicide Watch, Burnside, Flux of Pink Indians, Hellkrusher, Senile Decay, The Fiend and Dogsflesh.

Fuse anarcho crust riffing, politically insightful mile-a-minute lyrics and the frantic beat of a drum machine and you have the unique phenomena that is Wigan’s Cress. Abandon greed and consumerism and feel the earth power.

Saturnine (Italy)
Rising into sludge/doom existence in 2010, these Bologna witches continue to impress and were a favourite of many in London’s ScumFest 2014. See them return to London for a rare appearance and bask in the heaviness!

Viha (Finland)
Crusty punk hardcore from Tampere Finland and featuring London import Katri of Gift of Death on vocals! This is one to watch.

@ the Boston Music Room
178 Junction Road, Tufnell Park, London N19 5QQ
£12 + ticket fee = £13.20


Saturday 30th April 2016 AFTER PARTY

Hello Bastards!!
Stepping in to replace Deviated Instinct, who had to cancel due to singer Leggo recovering from throat surgery, these London vegan, straight-edge hardcore hell-raisers are the only band healthy (and sober) enough to carry the torch of punk well into the early hours of tomorrow’s party! Long-time favourites, we’re more than pleased to have them onboard!

Herida Profunda (Poland)
Based in Poland and one member in UK, these relative crust/grind newcomers have done well for themselves with a self-titled LP in 2013 and a 12” split picture disk with legendary Hellbastard in 2015. Catch them on their UK tour and try not to get tinnitus.

Anti-Humanity Hardcore from Norf London… Dysteria played for us in September last year and woe be those who have been dicking around drinking outside and missed their nasty, dystopian filthcore perfection.

@ The Unicorn
227 Camden Rd, Camden, London NW1 9AA
(15 minute walk from the Boston Music Room..)

Sunday 1st May 2016

Behind Enemy Lines (Pittsburgh, USA)
Exclusive UK/Europe performance of this well respected anarcho crust band, featuring members of Aus-Rotten and Penance. Since 2000 BEL have been blasting out politically pissed-off attacks on rape culture, animal abuse, religion and capitalism not to mention American domestic and foreign policy and the trail of broken lives it leaves behind it. We are very happy to have them grace this festival especially after vocalist Dave Trenga’s recent health issues.

Visions of War (Belgium)
Formed in 1996 this Belgian crust punk monstrosity has been drinking other supposed crust punk outfits under the table ever since. They have played for South London Scum (and ScumFest collective) before and they never fail to impress with their DIY attitude and spot-on brand of raucous thrashy heavy crust.

Anthrax UK
Formed in Gravesend, Kent, in 1980 early anarcho punkers Anthrax appeared on, amongst others, Crass, Small Wonder and Mortarhate records. Anthrax have remained faithful to their original sound whilst cleverly crafting tirades dealing with alienation, politician’s lies, greed and selfishness, religion, conformity, capitalism.

Liberty recorded for the Mortarhate label in the early 80′s, covering all subjects from anarchist left wing ideals, anti-fascism to animal rights and sexism. Liberty reformed in 2005 because the people who care are still angry! The band once again delivers their powerful, societally challenging lyrics with catchy riffs and a heavy, street punk influence!

Split Veins
London’s finest coming to our rescue to replace Hazarder who can’t make it and assault your eardrums with their pulverising sound and echoey vocals. Members of Nailbiter and every other South London diy punk band to come out of the South London squatting scene of the naughties. Enjoy!

@ the Boston Music Room
178 Junction Road, Tufnell Park, London N19 5QQ


Saturday 5th March 2016
South London Scum present

Burning Flag (Halifax)

The Migraines (London/Bristol)

The Creeping Terrors

@ The Veg Bar, 45 Tulse Hill, Brixton SW2 2TJ.
8-11pm (bands start 8.30!)


Saturday 23rd January 2015

South London Scum present

a benefit for Save Cressingham Gardens

Regret (Bristol)
Hardcore crust punk from current and ex-members of ephemeral foetus, bring to ruin, rejected, this ends here, Jesus bruiser and war system

Persecution (Bristol)
Total stripped down, no frills fast hardcore… ex members of bulletridden, black eye riot, varukers, ripcord,violent arrest, bombblastmen and extinction of mankind

Constant State of Terror (Brighton)
Brutal Brighton d-beat crustcore with an anarcho punk heart.

@ the Veg Bar, 45 Tulse Hill, Brixton SW2 2TJ.


South London Scum presents

Friday 11th December 2015

(London/Austria vegan hardcore punk)
Carnist are a radical left wing hardcore punk band from the UK/Austria. Songs about veganism, animal rights, anti fascism, gender politics and the like. The name is derived from the concept of carnism, the invisible belief system, or ideology, that conditions people to eat certain animals.
(London based neocrust melodic d beat)
In the vein of Ekkaia ,From Ashes Rise and Tragedy with songs about misanthropy, disgrace of the human race, green anarchism, feminism.
hate fuck
(male fronted proto-grunge/cuntpunk)
hate fuck are a queer/misandrist militia hellbent on global domination. FUCK OFF LADS.

@ the VegBar,
Fully licensed vegan restaurant above the venue! Brixton’s best kept secret intimate live music venue speakeasy beneath!
£5 / limited capacity/ arrive early to avoid disappointment

A benefit for
North East London Hunt Saboteurs
Out every week in the countryside saving wild lives from bloodthirsty hunt scum.


October 10th 2015

(Vintage D-beat hardcore punk)

Formed in the Midlands in 1982 by Damian Thompson & drummer Andy Baker, WARWOUND spat & cursed out three demos of fast, no bullshit, hardcore punk. 1983 Damian & Andy were enlisted to join The Varukers, during which time they recorded two WARWOUND numbers which featured on the classic Varukers album ‘Another religion, Another War’. For over 30 years, original WARWOUND demo tapes have been copied & circulated many times through underground circles of D-beat noise enthusiasts, and now they’re back!

Brand new WARWOUND album already written and due for release in early 2016! 18 brand new mind crushing tracks, provisionally titled ‘Children of War’! Also the keenly awaited early demo’s album has hit the earth like an atomic bomb.. courtesy of Profane Existence Official, Organize & Arise (USA) & Boss Tuneage (Europe).

WARWOUND 2015: D-Beat Deliverance with a lethal new line up, LIVE & LOUD!
Damian Thompson-Guitar:( Varukers. Sacrilege
Rat Varuker-Vocals: The Varukers / Discharge/ The Vile.
Ian Glasper –Bass: Decadence Within/Stampin Ground/Suicide Watch/Burnside/Flux of Pink Indians.
Stevie James- Drums: Hellkrusher/Senile Decay/The fiend/Dogsflesh/The Vile.

(ugly noises from a psychedelic hardcore trip)

Split Veins are a new London band who feature two thirds of Nailbiter and continue on with their perfected mix of Japanese meets Swedish influenced hardcore.

(Black Country Anarcho Punk Legends against the pricks with more bile than before!!)

UK punk band formed in the mid-1980s, based in Dudley in the Black Country of the West Midlands. The group issued 2 EPs on their own Reaganstein label in 1986 and 1987. The first EP has since become a much sought-after item, featuring four songs that blend anarcho-inspired lyrics across a backdrop of tuneful, sing-along punk anthems. The band discontinued shortly after the second EP was released but then started again in 2005, once more gigging regularly and writing and recording brand new material.

(London high octane, lead-heavy rock’n roll)

Forming in early 2015, HVP feature musicians from a number of lesser known London-based punk and metal bands (OiZ II Men, Sepuku, Ad Undas) playing nasty, thrashing punk ‘n’ roll in the decrepit veins of
Poison Idea, Cro-mags, the Germs, Leatherface, Venom, Discharge, Sheer Terror, etc. Mothers will love ‘em.

@ The Devonshire Arms
33 Kentish Town Rd, CAMDEN NW1 8NL




‘Part 1 originally formed in 1980 and were prominent players amidst the then London anarcho punk scene alongside contemporaries such as Crass, Rudimentary Peni and Hagar the Womb. Their dark sound, alongside anti-religious imagery in their lyrics, have since led the band to be seen as seminal instigators of ‘death rock’ and ‘horror punk’. This year saw the long awaited re-release of their 1984 LP ‘Pictures of Pain’ and legendary 1982 EP ‘Funeral Parade’ on All the Madmen and Sacred Bones Records respectively, following with a number of gigs in both the USA, Scandinavia and Europe. This London show represents a rare opportunity to see the band on home ground…’

Shallow Sanction
(Boot stomping misanthropic deathrock)
Coming out of London in 2013, Shallow Sanction have released a 12″ EP and have an upcoming cassette on New York based noise / experimental label Hospital Productions. Blending the melodic deathrock style of bands such as Killing Joke / Vex / Christian Death with the urgency of punk / oi bands like Conflict / Rudimentary Peni / Attak / The 4-Skins which all together is a haunting and destructive combination.

Cult Syndrome
(ultra primitive hardcore punk)
born out of desperation,uglyness,and hatred for civilization…inspired by the shit sound of early Finnish and Brazilian hardcore masters.

+ Special Guest (it was Italy’s Horror Vacui!)

+ Dead & Buried sounds between bands

£6 on the door (come early to avoid disappointment)


South London Scum presents

Saturday 25th September 2015

(local crust lords)
(female fronted Polski punk)
(pissed off, anti-humanity, hardcore)

Doors 8pm,
Fully vegan restaurant above the gig room!


South London Scum presents

Saturday 22nd August 2015

Absolutist – UNABLE TO MAKE IT!!
Due to an unfortunate accident, Absolutist CAN NOT make this gig! We (as well as them) apologise for anyone who was looking forward to catching them at this performance! BUT THE GIG IS STILL GOING FORWARD, so come along anyway! Never surrender!!!!

This System Kills
Hardcore punk from South Wales
negative hardcore/powerviolence
epic epic epic!!!!

Saturday Matinee gig! First band on at 6pm. Come and have a drink! Make a day of it!




GBH and DOOM, two legendary bands who should need no introduction invade London and share the stage for one night only.

With support from COITUS, North London’s shithouse squat rot n’ roll shamans, who will be celebrating the recent release of their album FED TO WOLVES. And the (relatively) new SPLIT VEINS who, born out of the ashes of NAILBITER play neurotic ugly hardcore, melting influences from Brazilian, Japanese and Finnish noise punk.

Line-ups like this don’t come around often if ever
Prepare for a loud and memorable onslaught of an evening.

Despite such an eclectic line-up this show is in a small venue with a limited capacity so pre sale tickets are strongly advised.

South London Scum & Crash n’ Burn 2015


178 Junction Road, London N19 5QQ








South London Scum presents:

Friday 26th June 2015

Silence Means Death
Hellgium Crust N’ Roll
Gift of Death
Hardcore punk from London

@ the Dev, Camden


South London Scum present..

Friday 24th October 2014

(Hellgian international crustcore)
King of Swines (2013) full album:

(London/Kent based melodic punk rock trio)

(female fronted Polski punk from London)

@ the Hand in Hand.. 61 New Park Road.. Brixton Hill.. SW2 4EN (Tel: 020 8674 8606 /

Buses.. 45.. 59.. 109.. 118.. 133.. 159.. 250.. 333.. N109.. N133.. get off at New Park Road stop.. head back to crossing and take New Park Road at intersection..

Friday 24th October.. 8pm-11pm music.. £5 door tax..